[MARMAM] publishing programme in marine sciences/marine mammalogy

Martin Griffiths mgriffiths at cambridge.org
Thu Jul 3 06:23:29 PDT 2008

Dear All

I'm one of the life science editors at Cambridge University Press. We're 
looking to expand our publishing programme in the marine sciences and 
seeking proposals for academic volumes in marine mammalogy. This could 
range from basic undergraduate textbooks in marine biology to advanced, 
research level, edited volumes on niche subjects, such as Ian Boyd's 
recent Top Predators in Marine Ecosystems. Particular topics of interest 
are behavior, behavioral ecology, marine bioacoustics, and a textbook of 
marine mammals (graduate level). However, I would be happy to discuss 
potential projects across the subject fields, and at all levels. 

If any of you feel a burning desire to write, have a dusty publishing 
proposal sat upon your shelves, or perhaps know a colleague who does, do 
please get in touch. I would be delighted to hear from you.

Warm regards


Dr Martin Griffiths
Commissioning Editor, Life Sciences
Cambridge University Press
The Edinburgh Building
Shaftesbury Road
Cambridge, CB2 8RU

tel: +44(0)1223 325776 (office)
mob: +44(0)7903593890

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