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The following paper has just been published:


Higham, J. and Bejder, L. 2008. Managing wildlife-based tourism: Edging
slowly towards sustainability? Current Issues in Tourism 11(1): 75-83.




It is increasingly acknowledged that cetacean-based tourism may not be
as low in impact as many hope or presume, and that any long term and
systematic human interactions

with populations of wild animals need to be rigorously monitored and
carefully managed. This paper reviews a series of recent developments in
the management 

of tourist interactions with dolphins at Shark Bay (Western Australia).
We argue that collectively these developments represent a paradigmatic
shift in the way commercial

tourism encounters with dolphins are managed. If so, they represent an
important and long overdue advance in the general direction of
sustainable management. However,

the paper also strikes a note of caution. Shark Bay, a well managed site
of relatively low level commercial dolphin-watching activities, carries
important insights and austere

warnings for the many high-intensity/low visitor management
dolphin-tourism sites around the world.


A PDF of the paper is available from the following website:


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