[MARMAM] conference: Acoustic Communication by Animals (Oregon, USA, August 2008)

Dave Mellinger David.Mellinger at oregonstate.edu
Thu Jan 24 16:58:37 PST 2008

		  Acoustic Communication by Animals
		   Second International Conference

			  August 12-15, 2008
			Corvallis, Oregon  USA

This conference will bring together senior scholars, mid-career
researchers and teachers, young investigators, and students to share
ideas, data, and methods in the growing and exciting field of animal
acoustic communication.

The emphasis in the conference will be to share information across
animal taxa and to enable young investigators and students to meet and
share ideas with more established investigators in the field. Toward
this end, the keynote speakers at the conference will be

			   Dr. Peter Marler
			   Dr. Peter Slater

who will provide insights from their lifetime of studying animal


Some of the special sessions we plan to have include

        · Development and evolution of animal communication
        · Communication in noisy environments
        · Modern techniques in measuring and analyzing complex animal sounds
        · Sound production mechanisms
        · Effects of anthropogenic sounds on animals
        · Cognition and language
        · Echolocation
        · Hearing and sound discrimination
        · Signal design
        · Mimicry
        · Physiology and anatomy
        · New equipment and software

Other topics are welcome too.

Invited speakers

The following invited speakers will attend:

Whitlow Au: Sound detection and echolocation by dolphins
Andrew Bass: Communication in fishes
Eliot Brenowitz: Vocal communication in songbirds
Robert Dooling: Bird hearing
Richard Fay: Fish hearing and sound production
Albert Feng: Neural basis of sound communication in complex environments
Tecumseh Fitch: Mammalian sound communication
Ronald Hoy: Communication strategies in insects
Dave Kastak: Pinniped hearing
Peter Narins: Vertebrate seismic communication
Caitlin O'Connell-Rodwell: Elephant low frequency and seismic reception
Kazuo Okanoya: Evolution of signal complexity in birds and humans
Arthur Popper: New ideas on evolution of hearing
Robert Seyfarth: Primate communication and social behavior
Andrea Megela Simmons: Chorus dynamics in frogs
James Simmons: Sound detection by bats
Joseph Sisneros: Neural mechanisms of fish
AnnMarie Surlykke: Bat echolocation
Terry Takahashi: Hearing and localization
Sophie Van Parijs: Pinniped hearing

Student funding

We will have funding for some students to travel to the
conference. More details will be released shortly.

Further information is available at the conference web site:


Hope to see you there!
    The conference scientific committee:
    Whitlow W.L. Au, Co-chair, University of Hawaii
    Andrea Megela Simmons, Co-chair, Brown University
    David K. Mellinger, Co-chair, Oregon State University
    Arthur N. Popper, University of Maryland
    Richard R. Fay, Loyola University of Chicago
    Charles Schmid, Vice-Chair, Acoustical Society of America

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