[MARMAM] Seeking Past Research on Captive Pinniped Social Dynamics

Sarah Newcomer sarahnewcomer at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 17 16:51:46 PST 2008

Dear all,  I am looking for publications/studies of pinniped social dynamics in zoological conditions in a multi-animal collection. Research/publications based around mixed collections containing Phoca vitulina and Zalophus californianus would be most beneficial, but any publications/studies based on captive pinniped social dynamics that I can refer to would be incredibly helpful for my thesis. 
 I am currently creating an ethogram data sheet of behaviors observed in a collection of seals and sea lions at the facility I am interning at. I am going to be completing a research project with a presentation at a symposium in March and I am seeking publications to aid in my research thesis.  I can be reached at: Sarahnewcomer at hotmail.com Kindest Regards,Sarah NewcomerPsychology Ohio State University

sarahnewcomer at hotmail.com 
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