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Chris Johnson cj at earthocean.tv
Thu Jan 17 16:07:50 PST 2008

Hi all,

We are pleased to announce a new series of online educational  
documentary programs on earthOCEAN.tv

	"Cetacean Investigation" - A series uncovering the science of  
whales, dolphins and porpoises around the world.

All videos programs are 10-20 minutes in duration and are freely  
distributed online in a number of formats with teacher's guides and  
fact sheets via our internet channel including through iTunes.

Our latest program is entitled - "Disappearing Dolphins". Here is the  

"Common dolphins were once abundant throughout the Mediterranean Sea.  
Today they are declining rapidly, surviving only in portions of their  
former range. In western Greece, the sea around the island of Kalamos  
is their last stronghold, or at least it used to be. So why are the  
dolphins disappearing?

We interview Giovanni Bearzi, the President of the Tethys Research  
Institute in Italy, and a Pew Fellow in Marine Conservation. Giovanni  
has been studying coastal dolphins in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea  
for two decades. What began as a study on the ecology and behavior of  
common dolphins around Kalamos, became a systematic record of their  

Only 30 kilometers away from Kalamos is the Amvrakikos Gulf where  
coastal bottlenose dolphins are thriving. Why is there such a drastic  
difference in the health of these two dolphin populations?

We meet two local fishermen and discuss their relationship with  
dolphins and the state of sea around their community. Could what is  
happening to the common dolphins of Kalamos, also explain why they  
are disappearing throughout the Mediterranean Sea?"

	Video - http://www.earthocean.tv/whalesmed_part4.html

Visit www.earthocean.tv for more information and to view previous  
documentaries.   Any comments or interest in taking part in future  
programs, feel free to contact me at - cj at earthocean.tv

Cheers, Chris

Chris Johnson
Filmmaker / Photographer
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earthOCEAN produce documentary film and educational content for  
online distribution and for television. We develop partnerships with  
and highlight the efforts of, international and local NGOs,  
conservationists and scientists around the world in order to raise  
awareness about environmental issues to ultimately inspire change.

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