[MARMAM] paper on fixed passive acoustic monitoring

Dave Mellinger David.Mellinger at oregonstate.edu
Fri Jan 11 12:01:42 PST 2008

The following paper has just been published:

Mellinger, D.K., K.M. Stafford, S.E. Moore, R.P. Dziak, and H. Matsumoto. 2007. An overview of fixed passive acoustic observation methods for cetaceans. Oceanography 20(4):36-45.

Articles in Oceanography do not have abstracts, but part of the Introduction says this:

   In this article, we describe the methodology of fixed passive
   acoustic observations, including instrumentation, software for
   detection of vocalizations, statistical methods, and
   interpretation of results, and then provide an example of the
   results from a fixed passive acoustic survey of Bransfield Strait,

A PDF is available here:

Dave Mellinger
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