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> MARVET announces a new workshop in Marine Conservation Medicine to  
> be conducted in Grand Cayman, British West Indies from July 21- 
> August 2, 2008. Please see posting at www.marvet.org for details.  
> Thanks......Raymond.
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> www.marvet.org
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> MARVET Caymans 2008 [TAKING APPLICATIONS] (Grand Cayman, British  
> West Indies, July 21- August 2, 2008 ~ hosted by Boatswain’s Beach  
> and St. Matthew’s University School of Veterinary Medicine) offers  
> veterinary students an introductory lecture and hands-on workshop in  
> the emerging professional field of Tropical Conservation Medicine,  
> with focus on veterinary care and rehabilitation of sea turtles and  
> the use of selected species of fish in ecosystem health assessments.
> Lectures will address concepts in conservation medicine, anatomy and  
> physiology of marine species (mammals, reptiles, fish), emerging  
> diseases in marine mammals, reptiles and amphibians, sea turtle  
> medicine, fish medicine, wildlife ecotoxicology, diagnostic  
> surveillance of wildlife morbidity and mortality, coral reef biology  
> and restoration, mangrove ecosystem biology, wildlife law and marine  
> wildlife medicine career opportunities for veterinarians.
> Students will participate in diagnostic wetlabs at the marine  
> facility, with an emphasis on physical examination, hematology,  
> biopsy, ultrasonography, necropsy techniques and marine quarantine  
> strategies, under the direction of veterinarians and biologists  
> active in marine medicine and conservation. A shark class will  
> demonstrate current methods for training and husbandry in sharks in  
> an aquarium habitat.
> Field activities will orient students toward key ecologic components  
> of marine ecosystem health, including mangrove forest kayaking and  
> coral reef snorkeling (with diving opportunities if desired). A site  
> visit will also be made to the Blue Iguana Habitat to investigate  
> this rare species and the conservation strategies being employed to  
> preserve it. Tuition includes lodging at Sunshine Suites and all  
> course activities.
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