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Leandra Gonçalves goncalvesleandra at yahoo.com.br
Mon Jan 7 15:54:14 PST 2008

Hi all...

My name is Leandra Gonçalves, I am the scientist on the Esperanza Greenpeace ship.
We are here in the Southern Ocean, pacific side. Our primary task in the Southern Ocean is to find the
fleet and stop them from whaling, but we are also playing our part in ensuring real
whale science is done here. This my main role onboard.

We are doing the humpbacks photo-id with the IFAW, who are the matching  photos for us. 
also we are doing some acoustic surveys and we have recorded some
sounds. The Southern Ocean is a feeding area, and I know the humpbacks
exhibit a variety of foraging behaviours, but neither they nor any
baleen whale are known to produce broadband clicks in association with
feeding, as do many odontocetes. But, we have heard some short sounds...

would like to know if anyone have more information about the humpback
whales sounds in feeding areas on the southern ocean. And if yes, could send me the paper or
the information???

I have did a search on the internet but I found some papers about ALASKA and CAPE COD and just one on the Southern Ocean (Thielle et al, 2004. International Whaling Commission – Southern Ocean- GLOBEC/CCAMLR collaboration. Journal Catecean Res. Management)

And I would like to know also, if any humpback sound recordings exist for the Southern Ocean area, mainly pacific side.

thanks a lot
And I am waiting the answers as soon as possible

Leandra Regina Gonçalves
Science officer on the Esperanza
Greenpeace Brazil

+47 514 079 86 (or 87)
leandra.goncalves at br.greenpeace.org

Greenpeace Brazil Blog

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