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	Dear all,We are proud to announce the official start of Foundation
Marybio, an organization dedicated to the scientific research of marine
mammals in Patagonia, born as the result of an excellent cooperation between
Belgian and Argentine scientists!Marine mammals speak to the human
imagination for centuries now. They are symbol of wisdom, elegance and
mystery and form an important part in their ecosystem. Nevertheless, still
too many factors form a threat towards these animals and their wellbeing.
Therefore, with Marybio we want to dedicate us to the achievement of a
better knowledge and understanding of these animals and their environment in
the unique area of Patagonia. Besides research, we also strive for an
improvement of the public awareness through educational and informative
programs as we are convinced that they are crucial factors for the
conservation and preservation of wildlife!With kind regards,Foundation
Marybio Kladdenbergstraat 34 - 2650 Edegem - Belgium 	
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