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Raymond Tarpley rjtarpley at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 10:22:16 PST 2008

We would like to announce a MARVET workshop (Marine Veterinary  
Medicine) for graduate veterinarians to be conducted at The Marine  
Mammal Center in Sausalito, CA from July 7-10, 2008. Please visit www.marvet.org 
  for further information or email Raymond Tarpley (info at marvet.org).

MARVET California 2008 [TAKING APPLICATIONS] (Sausalito, California,  
July 7-10, 2008 ~ based at The Marine Mammal Center) offers graduate  
veterinarians an intense lecture and hands-on workshop, directed  
toward critical veterinary care and rehabilitation of stranded  
pinnipeds - primarily California sea lions, harbor seals and elephant  
seals. Students will have the opportunity to perform traditional  
diagnostic workups and develop therapies for actual cases at the  
Center, and perform necropsies with a Board-Certified pathologist. The  
contribution that rehabilitation facilities make to species  
conservation and ecosystem health will be examined. The Marine Mammal  
Center (www.tmmc.org) is a state-of-the-art veterinary treatment and  
holding facility, reflecting emerging societal concerns for  
environmental responsibility through energy efficient architectural  
design – new construction for the Center and its veterinary hospital  
is currently in progress with completion planned in late 2007. Tuition  
includes lodging and all course activities.

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