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The following paper is now available online at JASA Express Letters; 
full text is available at 
or by emailing me (Marla.Holt at noaa.gov):

Speaking up: Killer whales (Orcinus orca) increase their call amplitude 
in response to vessel noise
Marla M. Holt, Dawn P. Noren, Val Veirs, Candice K. Emmons, and Scott Veirs

This study investigated the effects of anthropogenic sound exposure on 
the vocal behavior of free-ranging killer whales. Endangered Southern 
Resident killer whales inhabit areas including the urban coastal waters 
of Puget Sound near Seattle, WA, where anthropogenic sounds are 
ubiquitous, particularly those from motorized vessels. A calibrated 
recording system was used to measure killer whale call source levels and 
background noise levels (1-40 kHz). Results show that whales increased 
their call amplitude by 1 dB for every 1 dB increase in background noise 
levels. Furthermore, nearby vessel counts were positively correlated 
with these observed background noise levels. ©2009 Acoustical Society of 

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