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Shoals Marine Lab 2009 Summer Course: Anatomy & Function of Marine
Vertebrates <http://www.sml.cornell.edu/sml_cc_anatfunc.html>
Dates: June 8-22, 2009
Credits: 4  (issued through Cornell University)

Course limit: 15 students (undergraduates, graduate students, professionals,
Application and scholarship deadline: 15 February 2009
Cost (tuition, room, board, boat transportation, fees): $4,372

Anatomy & Function of Marine

The Shoals Marine Laboratory (run jointly by Cornell University and the
University of New Hampshire on Appledore Island, Maine) invites applications
to its summer field course on the anatomy and function of marine

The course is designed to introduce students to a comparative study of the
principal organ systems of vertebrates  (i.e., *fishes, sea turtles, marine
birds, marine mammals*) that are specifically adapted to the marine
environment. Rather than focusing only on description of anatomical
structure, the anatomy of structures will be integrated with function,
biological role, and evolutionary relationships. Laboratory exercises cover
osteology, dissection, behavior and biomechanics.

Dr. Frank Fish <http://darwin.wcupa.edu/%7Ebiology/fish/>       Department
of Biology, West Chester University

Dr. Willy Bemis <http://www.eeb.cornell.edu/Bemis/default.html>     Cornell
University, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
                           AND Director, Shoals Marine Laboratory

Join students at the Shoals Lab from all over the US and the world in
studying on Appledore Island this summer. Financial aid and scholarships are
available. Apply early to receive first consideration for aid.

Paid research internships<http://www.sml.cornell.edu/sml_students_internships.html>are
also available to undergraduates: deadline Feb. 15, 2009

For more information: shoals-lab at cornell.edu
<shoals-lab at cornell.edu><mL_admissions at nicholas.duke.edu>(Tel:

For other courses offered in summer 2009, see our complete course

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