[MARMAM] Marine Mammal Management Course (CZMT-0636-DE1) Reminder

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Tue Dec 2 06:59:04 PST 2008


WELCOME- all those interested in marine mammals.

This is a reminder that Registration is now open for the most recent 
edition of the Oceanographic Center of Nova Southeastern University's 
Global Distance Education Course in Marine Mammal Management (MMM). This 
Course is offered to anyone, anywhere in the world through Distance 

Registration for the winter term closes on January 9th, 2009.

MMM runs from JANUARY 5 TO MARCH 27, 2009, and covers a range of 
pertinent topics. For more information about the course content, please 
visit the website at: http://www.nova.edu/ocean/marmam/marmam.html

You may take this course:

a) for graduate credit (3 credits): $745/credit hour. 3 credit course = 

b) at undergraduate level: $950

c) for a general interest diploma, which will be awarded all successful 
candidates: $1117.50

d) towards a 4-course distance Graduate Certificate in Coastal Studies: 
- contact the coordinator at douganj at nova.edu <mailto:douganj at nova.edu>.

Those taking credit versions of the course must complete two written 
essay assignments, and take part in e-mail interactions.

For more information on the Oceanographic Center’s distance learning 
courses and programs, including registration details and costs, please 
visit the website at http://www.nova.edu/ocean/disted.html

For registration: http://www.nova.edu/ocean/distedregform.html

Registration inquiries may be made at any time. If you have any 
questions, please first contact Professor Jane Dougan - douganj at nova.edu 
<mailto:douganj at nova.edu>

Professor Keith Ronald and Barra L. Gots
Instructors for the Marine Mammal Management Distance Education course.

For further information, please reply to Barra Gots: gots at nova.edu 
<mailto:gots at nova.edu>

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