[MARMAM] An introduction and invitation to www.bycatch.org

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Fri Dec 5 12:49:01 PST 2008


Hello Marmamers,


I am writing to introduce to you to a database on bycatch
reduction techniques that can be found at www.bycatch.org.  This database was created by The Consortium
for Wildlife Bycatch Reduction at the New England Aquarium to improve the
accessibility and exchange of information about studies undertaken to evaluate
bycatch reduction methods.  


The database includes citations for bycatch studies with
summaries of their main findings.  The
bycatch reduction techniques referred to in these studies are defined in an
accompanying glossary, as are descriptions of commercial fishing methods.  Users can conduct searches of these studies
by year, gear type, reduction techniques, or non-target wildlife group.  Where available, links to the complete studies
and contact information for authors are included.  


We are inviting scientists to review the literature
available through the www.bycatch.org
website and to add your own studies on bycatch reduction devices.  Given that the field is dynamic and involves
people from around the world, we realize that it is extremely challenging to
produce and maintain the most up-to-date compendium of studies.  If you have done any work on bycatch
mitigation, please take a few minutes to see if your research has been included
in the www.bycatch.org database and if
not, please take this opportunity to share your results with researchers around
the world and add your studies to the database. 
If you have any questions, please contact Tim Werner at twerner at neaq.org.



Erika Zollett
Erika Zollett, Ph.D.Research Assistant

Consortium for Wildlife Bycatch Reduction

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