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Dear Marmamers:
You may be interested to know that ethical wildlife publishing house WILDGuides are running pre-Christmas special offer discounts on all of their whale and dolphin publications, including books, CD-Roms, and posters – available at www.wildguides.co.uk
A discount also applies to their newest publication, entitled ‘Whales and Dolphins of the European Atlantic’. This second edition of this bestselling field guide to European cetaceans is available for the first time in landscape format, and incorporates lots of new and innovative ideas, including:  

Maximum use of photographs and artwork to clearly illustrate the comparative features of these challenging animals, using the minimum of text. 
For the first time in any field guide to cetaceans, the authors have solved the problem of judging size and scale at sea, with information on judging distance and the placing of a Northern Gannet (Sula bassana) on all plates for a realistic size comparison. 
The maps are comprehensive and up-to-date, with a significant amount of new information incorporated since the 1st edition. 
Finally, this guide incorporates the very latest information on identification techniques, including four species not known from the region when the first book was published in 2001. 
Further information on the book is available at: http://www.wildguides.co.uk/titledetail_WDEA2
WILDGuides is a not-for-profit publishing house specialising in natural history guides, using the latest digital photographic techniques. Our objective is to raise funds for conservation through the proceeds of sales either by linking each title to a specific charity or trust, or by means of annual awards to conservation work in a particular part of the world. Our titles range from specific identification of flora and fauna in particular family groups, to traveller’s guides designed to enhance the visitor experience to the location concerned. 
Knd regards,
Dylan Walker
WILDGuides OCEANGuides series
dylan_walker at wildguides.co.uk

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