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Dear Colleagues 


For those of you interested in legal, policy, management and regulatory
aspects of marine mammal conservation you may like to know of a new series
of (largely free) resources being published within a site called the
International Fisheries Law and Policy Portal (IFLPP) - www.intfish.net
<http://www.intfish.net/> . 


IFLPP includes the following resources:


- an updated version of the Internet Guide to International Fisheries Law
(IGIFL), which some of you may already be familiar with (this is a free 8000
page/document resource providing documents, information and reviews of
international law and policy documents and materials)


- an interactive Research Centre, as a forum for information and knowledge
exchange on international and national fisheries events and materials,
including library materials (with synergies to the FAO OneFish database) and


- a free monthly newsletter - IFLPP Updater - providing a round up current
legal and policy developments


The website also provides access to online versions of various other
publications but these are not free access. 


The scope of all of the resources includes all marine mammals (although
fisheries is the predominant topic). We plan to develop the extent of
information and resources on marine mammals during 2009, with specific
thematic knowledge groups being set up on various relevant issues. Further,
some of the new IFLPP resources will be interactive (designed to be
developed by website users), so we hope some of you will be able to


The version currently available at www.intfish.net <http://www.intfish.net/>
is a "Preview Version" which does not host all content (this will not be
available until next year) but does closely reflect the format of the final
version. Once launched, the resources will continually be developed and are
expected to become major resources in international fisheries law, policy
and management and, like predecessor versions, will be used by fisheries
practitioners of all disciplines. 


Further details, and a downloadable guide, are available at
www.intfish.net/about. I am also happy to receive queries or feedback about
the new website, including comments on what issues you would like to see
included and where you think there are information gaps concerning online
information on marine mammal regulation.


Kind regards

Chris Hedley (Director/Editor)



Christopher Hedley LLB PgDPLS

Director, Ocean Law ICS; Barrister

Editor, IFLPP and IFLPR


145/157 St John Street   London EC1V 4PY   UK

T +44 203 070 2461  F +44 203 292 1739

E  <mailto:info at oceanlaw.net> info at oceanlaw.net   W
<http://www.oceanlaw.net/> www.oceanlaw.net 


Ocean Law is pleased to announce the launch of a new series of publications
on international fisheries law, policy and management. For more information,
visit our new websites:  <http://www.oceanlawpublishing.com>
www.oceanlawpublishing.com and www.intfish.net <http://www.intfish.net/>   







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