[MARMAM] Impact of channel dredging on marine mammals: request for literature

Marc Oremus m.oremus at auckland.ac.nz
Tue Dec 2 13:28:48 PST 2008

Dear colleagues,

A large factory for nickel processing is under construction in New 
Caledonia. This project involves the creation of a wharf and the 
dredging of a channel in the lagoon to allow for the transit of large 
ships. Two barges are used to dredge the channel; one works by suction 
of loose sediments and one uses a large mechanical digger. We are 
currently assessing the status of marine mammal (dolphins and dugongs 
mainly) and turtle populations in the area in order to detect any impact 
related to the building of the factory.

We are looking for any reports and articles dealing with the potential 
disturbances resulting from these kinds of human activities (noise 
disturbance, boat traffic, increased turbidity...) and we would greatly 
appreciate the help of the list members with this. Please contact me by 
email (m.oremus at auckland.ac.nz) if you are aware of any previous work 
that could be of help.

Many thanks in advance


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