[MARMAM] American Society of Mammalogists Conservation Awards

Daniel K. Odell dodell at cfl.rr.com
Mon Dec 1 08:48:19 PST 2008

In 2002, the American Society of Mammalogists established 2 conservation 
awards to recognize outstanding contributions to the conservation of mammals 
and their habitats.  The Aldo Leopold Award is awarded to a well-established 
individual who has made a lasting scientific contribution to the 
conservation of mammals and their habitats. The recipient will be invited to 
address the Society in a plenary session at its annual meeting the following 
year.  Previous awardees are Edward O. Wilson, Russell A. Mittermeier, 
George B. Schaller, Rodrigo A. Medellin, and Virgilio Roig.   The William T. 
Hornaday Award is awarded to a current undergraduate or graduate student who 
has made a significant scientific contribution as a student to the 
conservation of mammals and their habitats.  The awardee will be offered a 
travel grant to attend the ASM meetings in Alaska and will be invited to 
present a paper on their conservation activities at the plenary session. 
Previous awardees are Brent Sewall, Isabel Beasley, and Angelia Vanderlaan. 
Nominees should have contributed substantially to (1) the conservation of 1 
or more mammalian species, subspecies, or populations, (2) the conservation 
of mammalian assemblages and communities, or (3) advancing the field of 
conservation biology through focal research on mammals.  Persons 
contributing to the conservation of land or marine mammals are eligible for 
consideration.  We interpret ''contribution'' broadly to include (1) 
scientific research or political activism that has resulted in the 
preservation of an imperiled species; (2) development of protective 
management recommendations; (3) acquisition of new knowledge regarding the 
conservation status or causes for declines of mammalian species or 
populations; (4) the protection of significant mammalian habitat; or (5) 
promotion of the conservation of mammals through public education.  All 
persons are invited to submit nominations for these awards. For each award, 
the nomination packet should include:
1. A brief narrative (2 pages maximum) that introduces and describes the 
conservation accomplishments of the nominee;
2. As an addendum to this narrative, a list of relevant journal articles, 
government and NGO reports, newspaper clippings, and other materials that 
chronicle and corroborate the conservation-related accomplishments of the 
3. A current CV or résumé;
4. Contact information for the nominator and nominee;
5. Supporting material:
            For the Aldo Leopold Award, include letters of recommendation 
from 3 individuals familiar with the nominee's contributions to mammalian 
conservation; one of the letters must be from the nominator.
William T. Hornaday Award-include letters of recommendation from 2 
individuals familiar with the nominee's conservation activities. One of 
these letters must be from the student's research advisor.
Electronic submissions of nominations and supporting documents are strongly 
encouraged. Completed nomination packets should be sent to 
ThoringtonR at SI.EDU or  Richard Thorington, Division of Mammals MRC 108, 
National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC 
20013-7012.  The deadline for receipt of completed nominations is 13 March 
2009.  The recipients will be announced at the banquet at the ASM annual 
meeting in June 2009.

Submitted by Daniel K.Odell

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