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I am currently in the process of updating diversity, threat and status information for cetaceans in the Pacific Islands Region (PIR).  This area is the region where the Convention of Migratory Species Memorandum of Understanding for the Conservation of Cetaceans and their Habitats in the PIR operates, and can be geographically defined as "the marine areas under the jurisdiction of each Country or Territory of the PIR, and extends to the area defined by the Noumea Convention, i.e., between the Tropic of Cancer and 60°S South latitude, and between 130°S East longitude and 120°S West longitude".  

Any contributions relating to research surveys, sighting or stranding information (recent and historical), and threats for this region would be much appreciated.  

A copy of my previous report can be downloaded from http://www.wdcs.org/publications.php <http://www.wdcs.org/publications.php>  (under Science).  

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