[MARMAM] Information about a White Blue whale

Andrea Steffen A.Steffen at stb-ets.de
Tue Aug 26 00:00:35 PDT 2008

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Thank you very much and kind regards
Andrea Steffen

Dear MARMAN Members,
in July 2008 we discovered some blue whales off the Californian coast.
On July , 15 we sighted a "white" blue whale around 10 miles southwest
of San Diego.
For our studies we are looking now for the following information:
*	are there already sightings of white blue whales in this area? 
*	is this particular whale already known?
*	are there already studies and/or investigations of white blue
We have provided some pictures of the whale under:

Further we are looking for information about hybrid whales
We would appreciate any information to:
Andrea.Steffen at wale-delfine.de 
Best regards

Andrea Steffen 
Project leader
Society for Dolphin Conservation
Gesellschaft zur Rettung der Delfine e.V. 

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