[MARMAM] Waterborne Pathogens RFP

Mina Innes minnes at mmc.gov
Mon Aug 25 07:19:55 PDT 2008

Members of the marmam community studying microbial pathogens may be
interested in the request for proposals found at the link below.  Deadline
for proposals is October 8th.




Bob Gisiner



Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) has just put out a new RFP,
"Informing the Risk-Based Framework for Recreational Waters:  Quantification
of Microbial Pathogens and Indicators from Various Sources".  


The RFP can be found at 



We thought you might be interested or could forward it to whoever you think
might be.  For further information please contact Program Director Rhonda
Kranz, 703-684-2470 x7147, rkranz at werf.org



Water Environment Research Foundation

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