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We would like to announce the publication of the following article:

*The effects of prey demography on humpback whale (/Megaptera 
novaeangliae/) abundance around Anvers Island, Antarctica*

Ari S. Friedlaender, William R. Fraser, Donna Patterson, Song S. Qian 
and Patrick N. Halpin^

*Abstract* Baleen whales and Adelie penguins in the near-shore waters 
around the Antarctic Peninsula forage principally on Antarctic krill. 
Given the spatial overlap in the distribution of these krill predators 
(particularly humpback whales) and their dependence on krill, the goals 
of this paper are to determine if the inter-annual community structure 
and relative abundance of baleen whales around Anvers Island is related 
to krill demography and abundance, and if the potential exists for 
inter-specific interactions between Adelie penguins and baleen. We use 
whale sightings and prey data from both net tows and Adelie penguin 
stomach samples to correlate the abundance of humpback whales with krill 
demography and abundance from 1993 to 2001. We find significant 
relationships between whale abundance and the size–frequency 
distribution of krill targeted by Adelie penguins, as well as the 
foraging success of Adelie penguins. These findings suggest both krill 
predators share common prey preferences in the upper portions of the 
water column around Anvers Island. These findings highlight the need for 
better knowledge of baleen whale foraging ecology and inter-specific 
interactions with penguins, as sea ice and krill populations around the 
Antarctic Peninsula are affected by rapid changes in climate.

Polar Biology
DOI: 10.1007/s0300-008-0460-x

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