[MARMAM] looking for information on fin whale and sperm whale behaviour

delphine.gambaiani delphine.gambaiani at souffleursdecume.com
Tue Aug 5 07:26:07 PDT 2008

In the framework of the development of an anti-collision system, I am
currently looking for information and scientific papers on fin whale
(Balaenoptera physalus) and sperm whale (Physeter catodon) behaviour.
This would help us to anticipate the displacement of these animals and to
graphically represent their potential area of presence over a short period of
time (for how long an individual is likely to stay in the same area 

Any information on time budgets (time spent feeding, resting, breeding,
diving, socializing, etc.) and on the associated displacements (direction,
speed, geographical area of presence, etc.) of these animals (fin and sperm
whales) would be most appreciated. 

For instance, the following questions would eventually help us to estimate how
long animals would stay on a feeding zone:   
•	What is usually the utilized geographical area of sperm whales while feeding
(the entire canyon or only a portion of it?)? 
•	What is usually the size of North-western Mediterranean schools of krill?

It would also be interesting to know the influence of seasonal variations as
well as time of the day on these animals behaviour. 

Although this study concerns Mediterranean cetaceans, behaviour studies (on
both species) carried out worldwide would be appreciated. 

Thank you very much for your time and consideration

Best regards 

Delphine Gambaiani 

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