[MARMAM] Job announcement, Marine Observers, Denmark

Jan Durinck jan at durinck.dk
Tue Apr 8 13:25:14 PDT 2008

6-week Positions with Marine Observers in Denmark July to Oct. 2008. The 
Marine Observer Company is currently looking to recruit experienced marine 
mammal observers to assist with observations from ship in the Arctic.

The candidate will have experience in whale sightings from ships preferably 
in the Arctic or North Atlantic. Candidates who also have experience with 
seabird observations have an advantage for these positions. 

For more details or to register your interest in this position, please email: jan 
at durinck.dk

More information about us at: www.marine-observers.com

Best wishes,


Jan Durinck
Marine Observers
Svankjaervej 6,
DK-7752 Denmark

Tel: +45 2396 1155
Skype: jandyr

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