[MARMAM] Ship Strikes & Harbour Porpoise

Fabian Ritter, MEER e.V. info at m-e-e-r.de
Mon Apr 7 09:39:27 PDT 2008

Dear All,

I am currently investigating if there is information available on the 
effect of fast moving ships (including
zodiacs, fast & high speed Ferries, race sailors, etc.) on the Harbour
Porpoise (Phocoena phocoena). The existing literature does not contain
many reports of ship strikes with smaller cetaceans in general, and
especially with porpoises.

I would be grateful if members of the list could give me some
information on personal observations, accounts of ships strikes in the
grey literature or any other anecdotal evidence on either collisions
itself, hp strandings related to ship strikes or descriptions of hp
behaviour in relation to fast moving vessels.

As a member of the IWC's Ship Strike Working Group I am familiar with 
the larger part of publications on the issue, so any hints to very 
recent investigations and/or publication are highly appreciated, too.

Thank you very much in advance, many greetings to all of you!


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