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Dear All,
Apologies for cross postings.
Here are the publications that may be any interest to you.
Kaboglu G., Guclusoy, H., Bizsel, K.C., Eronat H., Kirac, C.O., Savas, Y. 2007. Information technology for endangered marine species management: AFBIKA Geo-database. Rapp. Comm.Int.Mer.Medit. 38: 507.
Kirac, C.O. & Guclusoy H. 2007. Regulation on ships navigation to reduce risk of marine accidents in favour of marine and coastal ecosystems on the Aegean coasts in Turkey. Rapp. Comm.Int.Mer.Medit. 38: 678.
Guclusoy, H. & Cirik, S. 2007. Marine mammal strandings on the Turkish Aegean sea coasts: fishermen reports. Rapp. Comm.Int.Mer.Medit. 38: 492.
Guclusoy, H. 2007. The first confirmed report of the harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) in the Turkish Aegean Sea. JMBA2-Biodiversity Records, Published on-line: 1-2.
Guclusoy, H. 2008. Damage by monk seals to gears of artisanal fishery in the Foca Monk Seal Pilot Conservation Area, Turkey.  Fish. Res. 90: 70-77.
Guclusoy, H. 2008. Interaction between monk seals Monachus monachus (Hermann, 1779), and artisanal fisheries in the Foça Pilot Monk Seal Conservation Area, Turkey. Zoology in the Middle East 43: 13-20.
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