[MARMAM] Minke whales individuals of Faxaflói, Reykjavik, Iceland

chiara bertulli ciarabertulli at yahoo.it
Wed Sep 26 10:36:28 PDT 2007

Dear MARMAM Members,
  I have been working in Reykjavik, Iceland from April until September 2007, collecting environmental and behavioural data about Minke whales and White-beaked dolphins, as well creating a photo-id catalogue of the different individuals.
  On this purpose, I am looking for any Centre or Organization which are doing research on Minke whales.
  In fact, I would like to compare my photo-id catalogue with some others and see if I can find any matches.
  Since Minke whales tend to migrate from the cold regions down all the way to the equator, I am particularly interested in collaborating with Centres in these tropical areas.
  Thank you,
  Chiara Bertulli
  Marine Biologist
  ciarabertulli at yahoo.it
  shakiara06 at gmail.com


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