[MARMAM] Melon head whales stranding in Cape Verde

salvadorvet at sapo.pt salvadorvet at sapo.pt
Fri Nov 30 18:12:22 PST 2007

I'm a DVM working now in Portugal and I'm collaborating in the rehab  
of stranded dolphins in this country.
I was born in Cape Verde, so I'm very aware of problems that are  
happening there.
Right now I'm really shocked about a mass stranding of Melon Head  
Whales at Boavista Island,
on Cape Verde the last November 18th during the night. 265 dolphins  
came ashore and stranded and died in spite of all the efforts made by  
the authorities and civilians. But the weird thing happened after:  
they buried all the dolphins before anyone could collect any organ or  
blood. Therefore no necropsy was performed.
On the next day more 6 Melon Head Whales died and the biologist in  
charge at that island told to newspapers that when she came to the  
beach where they stranded, all the dolphins had been taken by people  
to be eaten, so she could not get any sample.
The previous day the US nuclear submarine USS Annapolis (SSN760)  
departed from the S.Vicente Island that is one of the ten islands of  
Cape Verde. This submarine is there in charge against illegal  
immigration and drug traffic.
By this time we don't have any explanation from the authorities or  
from the US Navy or any effort are in progress to find out the true.
That appear to be too much coincidence and there are many strandings  
around the world related to such coincidence. All of us are aware of  
the bad consequences of military sonar and cetaceans, specially to  
"deep divers".
I would like to ask if anybody has information connecting submarine  
sonar to cetaceans.
Thank you for your help.
Best regards.
Salvador St.Aubyn Mascarenhas, DVM

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