[MARMAM] 40 ft sailing boat available for research/education/awareness campaigns

Valerie Burgener vburgener at bluewin.ch
Tue Nov 20 03:43:01 PST 2007

Dear all, 

Participe Futur is a French/Swiss non-profit organization founded 
in 2004 by a team of marine biologists, sailors, teachers and 
journalists who all have a long-standing commitment to marine 
conservation. Using our 40 feet sailing boat Alcyon, our aim is to 
preserve marine environment through promoting research, education and 
public awareness. 

Today, Participe Futur is calling for projects related to marine 
conservation planned for the next three years, which would require a 
boat as a logistic platform. Apart from the boat, we provide you with 
a professional skipper and, according to your needs, with a 
scientific assistant experienced in collecting data at sea.

Alcyon is adapted to all types of navigation. 

For more information, please visit www.participefutur.org or 
contact me at vburgener at bluewin.ch. 

Best regards, 

Valerie Burgener

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