[MARMAM] Proposed Workshop at ECS2008 in Holland: "Marine Mammals in the arts and social sciences"

Addink, M. Addink at naturalis.nnm.nl
Fri Nov 16 05:45:32 PST 2007

Dear All,

The upcoming meeting of the European Cetacean Society will be in Holland
March 9-12, with workshops preceeding on Saturday and Sunday March 8-9.
We would like to propose a workshop titled for the moment "Marine
Mammals in the arts and social sciences" but before we start organizing
we would like to know if among the potential attendees of the ECS2008
conference there are researchers and students who at academic level have
studied/ are studying marine mammals in fields other than those
generally represented at ECS. 

We realize that Most ECS members have a background in the sciences,
often in biology or in practical studies such as veterinary medicine but
there may be those among you who have done something in the arts,
anthropology, social geography etc. 

If you are among this group and would be interested in giving a
presentation at the proposed workshop please contact us at
Addink at naturalis.nnm.nl with an idea of what you would like to present.
It will enable us to plan such practical things as the duration of the
workshop. We already know that there is interest in the subject among
ECS members but we do need speakers as well!

	Marjan Addink (Biologist)
	Emily Lambert (Biologist and social geographer)
	Graham Pierce (Biologist)
	Joost Schokkenbroek (Historian)

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