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I am looking for pictures of porpoise dorsal fins, rostrums, and teeth for a museum exhibit we are designing.? The exhibit is a large color graphic showing the differences between dolphins and porpoises.? Complete credit will be given to the photographer of any picture that we use.???

Photo criteria are as follows:
?- live porpoises?
?-?pictures (or files) must be large enough that they can be blown up to at least 8"x10"
?-?does not matter which species (Burmeister's Porpoise, Vaquita, Spectacled Porpoise, Finless Porpoise, Harbor Porpoise, or Dall's Porpoise)
?-?at least 3 separate photos are needed: one that clearly shows the spade-shaped teeth, one that shows the rounded rostrum, and one that shows the rounded or triangular dorsal fin

I have searched the internet to the best of my ability, i.e. "google images" etc.? I have not yet been able to find pictures that are large enough for us to use.? Since there aren't any porpoise species that reside in the Gulf of Mexico (where our facility is located), our porpoise resources are very limited.

Is there anyone out there who can help me find these photos?? Perhaps there is a facility that studies porpoises that I can contact.

Thank you for your time,

Emma Jarvis

Research Assistant and Volunteer Supervisor
PO Box 207
Gulfport, MS 39502
(228) 896-9182
dulfin831 at aol.com

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