[MARMAM] Commentary on Japanese scientific whaling

Phillip.Clapham at noaa.gov Phillip.Clapham at noaa.gov
Tue Nov 13 13:58:50 PST 2007

The following has just been published on Nature's "Precedings" site at:


Gales, N.J., Clapham, P.J. and Baker, C.S.  A case for killing humpback whales?

Abstract: During the austral summer of 2007/08, hunting of Southern Hemisphere humpback whales will recommence after almost half a century of protection. The stated rationale for this hunt, by the Government of Japan, is to gather important scientific information for use in management. If the scientific need was defensible, and the proponents had accommodated reasonable conservation concerns, then criticisms of the hunt would be limited to philosophical issues. This is not the case. The program’s research objectives are unlikely to be achieved by lethal methods and do not address the principal research needs for SH humpback whales identified by the International Whaling Commission.

The complete pdf document can be downloaded free at the wesbite.

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