[MARMAM] long-beaked common dolphins

Danielle Kreb yk-rasi at samarinda.org
Tue Nov 6 20:16:53 PST 2007

Dear MARMAMers,

During a marine survey in Indonesian waters, our survey team encountered a group of dolphins that may represent the tropical form of long-beaked common dolphins, i.e. Delphinus capensis tropicalis. However, so far we only have found one picture from D. capensis tropicalis (from Hongkong) for comparison material, which doesn't fit our observation though. Therefore, I would very much appreciate if anyone who is in the possession of pictures of D. capensis or D, capensis tropicalis is willing to share pictures just for analysis/ identification purposes only. The pictures will not be used for publication or otherwise. Please scan and send any pictures if available to my e-mail: yk-rasi at samarinda.org

Thanking you most kindly for your help,

Danielle Kreb

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