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Allen, Dee ALLEND at si.edu
Wed May 23 14:40:37 PDT 2007

Dear colleagues,


The Smithsonian Institution's Marine Mammal Program is pleased to
announce the availability of a new website designed specifically for
aiding in the identification of beaked whale specimens.  




The objective of this website is to serve as a centralized resource for
making morphological identifications of beaked whales.  These pages
include an introduction to the family Ziphiidae, information on beaked
whale research, images of skulls and diagnostic characters for each
species, links to museum research collections, and some bibliographic
references.  This project is an on-going collaborative effort with the
marine mammal community, and will continue to draw from contributions
from collaborators.  With this website, we intend to enable more
researchers and stranding responders to identify ziphiid species and to
become more familiar with morphological variation within this taxonomic
group by having access to reference specimens available online. 


Any comments, suggestions or contributions may be sent directly to Dee
Allen (see signature below for contact information).  We welcome your


This project was made possible through the support of the U.S. Marine
Mammal Commission, as well as NOAA Fisheries and the Smithsonian



Dee Allen

Smithsonian Institution

National Museum of Natural History

Marine Mammal Program

P.O. Box 37012

Washington, DC  20013-7012


tel: 202.633.1247

fax: 202.786.2979

allend at si.edu






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