[MARMAM] XVth Conference of the Society for Human Ecology

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Dear Colleagues, 
  We are pleased to invite you to the XVth International Conference of the Society for Human Ecology to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, October 4-7, 2007.  
  There will be a session about  'Contributions of fishermen’s local ecological knowledge and scientific research to marine mammal conservation'  as detailed below. For more information about the conference and sessions, please check the link:
  SESSION I – Indigenous / Local knowledge & Sustainability
  1.6. Contributions of fishermen’s local ecological knowledge and scientific research to marine mammal conservation (S. Siciliano & S. Pacheco /ENSP/DENSP/FIOCRUZ & UNICAMP/FIFO/Inst. Terra & Mar, Brazil)
  Contact: sal at ensp.fiocruz.br or shirleypacheco at yahoo.com
  The local ecological knowledge (LEK) of fishermen has been applied in several conservation policies and practices related to fishery management around the world. Regarding marine mammals, studies addressing fishermen’s knowledge are still scarce. However, they have shown that in most cases their LEK is in high accordance with data obtained from scientific research. Most marine mammal species are poorly known. Some of these species are strongly affected by interactions with fishing gear, which makes fishermen’s LEK and cooperation greatly valuable for their conservation. For many threatened species time may be running out and since research on their biology  are of long-term duration and generally expensive, the interface between fishermen’s LEK and scientific research should be widely explored to allow for expeditious decisions in favor of the protection and conservation of marine mammal species.
   Hope to see you there!
  Shirley Pacheco

Shirley Pacheco de Souza 
Diretora Executiva - Instituto Terra & Mar 
Projeto SOS Mamíferos Marinhos 
  PPG - Ecologia - UNICAMP
Tel.: (12) 3862-1099 / 9144-6100 

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