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> The following publication is now available.  Abstract is below.
> Courbis, S. 2007. Effect of spinner dolphin presence on vessel and swimmer activity in Hawaiian bays. Tourism in Marine Environments. 4(1):1-14.
> Portland State University, Portland, OR 97207, USA
> Questions have been raised about the effects human activity in Hawai> '> ian bays has on dolphins.
> Concerns about the effects of this activity have led the National Marine Fisheries Service to begin the
> process of enacting regulations to reduce the impacts of swimmers and vessels on Hawaiian spinner
> dolphins (Stenella longirostris). One step in evaluating potential effects is to determine if dolphin
> presence attracts swimmers and vessels into bays. In this study, numbers of vessels and swimmers in
> Kealake> '> akua, Honaunau, and Kauhako Bays were measured and related to spinner dolphin presence.
> In Kauhako Bay, mean number of swimmers per scan sample was significantly higher when dolphins
> were present, and in Honaunau Bay, mean number of kayaks per scan sample was significantly higher
> when dolphins were present. In addition to measuring the relationship between dolphin presence and
> vessel and swimmer presence, it is important to track vessel and swimmer numbers over time and to
> determine patterns of use in individual bays. This establishes trends in human use of bays and allows
> management on a more individual bay basis. During this study, Kealake> '> akua Bay experienced significantly
> more vessel and swimmer activity than Kauhako Bay. Numbers of one- to three-person
> kayaks, motorboats <6 m, and zodiacs were highest in Kealake> '> akua Bay. Numbers of swimmers
> from shore were higher in Honaunau Bay than in Kauhako Bay. Overall, numbers of vessels and
> swimmers in the bays were higher than in previous decades, and swimmers comprised the majority
> human activity in the bays.
> Key words: Hawai> '> i; Vessel; Swimmer; Stenella longirostris; Spinner dolphin
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