[MARMAM] oarfish-cetacean interactions

Tyson Roberts tysonregalecus at yahoo.com
Tue May 15 17:45:15 PDT 2007

Dear Marine Mammal Discussion group members,
  I have recently completed but not yet published a worldwide monograph on the oceanic fishes known as oarfishes (genus Regalecus). This work includes anextensive review and original observations on the systematics, biology, ecology, and distribution. Two species of Regalecus are recognized. They occur widely in the Pacific, Atlantic, and apparently also the Indian Oceans. 
  Information on predators of Regalecus is remarkedly sparse and poorly documented. While small oarfish (usually far less than a meter long) are eaten by lancet-fish and tunas, remarkedly little is known concerning predators on large Regalecus (from 1-8 m long).
  The widely held belief that large Regalecus are commonly preyed upon by sharks is unsubstantiated and almost certainly false (any scientific observations of oarfish actually being eaten by sharks would be extremely welcome).
  Moreover, there seems to be no published information on other potential large oarfish predators, including squids and cetaceans. I do not know of a single published account of any whale or dolphin species feeding on oarfish.
  Information about cetacean or any other other predators on Regalecus would be extremely welcome.
  Tyson R. Roberts

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