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Matthias Hoffmann-Kuhnt tmsmh at nus.edu.sg
Mon May 7 17:51:39 PDT 2007

Internships available at Ocean Park Hong Kong

Full-time unpaid internships are currently being offered by the  
Acoustic Research Laboratory, Tropical Marine Science Institute of  
the National University of Singapore in collaboration with Ocean Park  
Hong Kong. The ARL conducts studies on the cognitive and sensory  
capabilities of bottlenose dolphins living at Ocean Park with a focus  
on echolocation and underwater acoustics.

Interns receive intensive hands-on experience by participating in all  
aspects of the ongoing research and laboratory activities, including  
assistance in the daily research sessions with the dolphins, training  
of dolphins, data processing and analysis, and also assist with  
projects administrative and maintenance requirements.

Interns should have at least two years of college experience.  
Individuals from all types of academic disciplines are welcome to  
apply. Selection is competitive and is based on the applicant’s  
statement of interest, prior experience, academic record, and letters  
of reference.
The following internship periods for the project are available:  
Summer (mid-May through August 2007, Fall (mid August 2007 to mid- 
January 2008) and Spring (early January through May  
2008).Arrangements can possibly be made for different starting and  
ending dates if there are conflicts with school schedules.
There is no charge for the internship. Interns are responsible for  
their own room and board.

To apply please submit the following:
1)    Statement of Interest

2)    Academic records

3)    Three letters of reference

4)    Curriculum Vitae

or for more information please contact (please put “dolphin  
internship” in the subject line!)

Dr M. Hoffmann-Kuhnt
Acoustic Research Laboratory
Tropical Marine Science Institute
National University of Singapore
12 A Kent Ridge Road
Singapore 119223
Email: mahoku at nus.edu.sg
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