[MARMAM] Request for Cetacean Flipper Images

Frank Fish FFish at wcupa.edu
Fri May 4 10:55:08 PDT 2007

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Needed Images of Whale and Dolphin Flippers- I am examining the  
hydrodynamic morphology of dolphin and whale flippers. Specifically I  
need photographs of flippers in which the full planar surface (dorsal  
or ventral sides) is facing the camera and the whole flipper is shown  
from the insertion of the flipper with the body to the flipper tip.  
The photograph needs a scale of known length in the image. It is  
required that measurements of body length be provided and also if  
possible a measurement of body mass. Please send images with your  
name and contact information by email (ffish at wcupa.edu). Slides and  
photographs can also be sent to:  Dr. Frank Fish, Dept. of Biology,  
West Chester University, West Chester, PA 19383; phone- 610-436-2460.

Frank E. Fish, Ph.D.
Professor of Biology

Department of Biology
Liquid Life Laboratory
750 S. Church St.
West Chester University
West Chester, PA 19383-2112

phone: 610-436-2460
fax: 610-436-2183
email: ffish at wcupa.edu
Home page: http://darwin.wcupa.edu/~biology/fish

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