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Thu May 3 10:33:58 PDT 2007

Hi everyone,

SOCPROG is a series of MATLAB programs written by Hal Whitehead for analyzing
data on the social structure, population structure and movements of identified
individuals, usually using data from photo-identifications. However, analyzing
social structure and using SOCPROG are not straightforward. The SOCPROG
workshop plans to provide guidance in these matters, using onscreen real-time
analyses of real data. Participants do not need to have experience in using
SOCPROG (although this will help).

For those who weren't able to attend the SOCPROG workshop in San Diego or if you
did and would like a refresher, another SOCPROG workshop will be held in
Halifax, Nova Scotia on Wednesday August 15, 2007 at Dalhousie University. The
cost is $60.00 Canadian and is being held as part of the 2007 International
Ethological Conference which runs from 15 - 23 August 2007.

You can attend the SOCPROG workshop even if you don't plan to attend the
conference. To register, simply follow the instructions on the SOCPROG workshop
website: http://iec2007.psychology.dal.ca/iec2007/Workshop.html

If you have any difficulties or require more information, please contact Tonya
Wimmer (twimmer at dal.ca).


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