[MARMAM] Photo Request of Marine Mammals for IUCN Redlist

The Shrew Shrine shrews at chello.at
Wed Mar 28 12:59:18 PDT 2007

Dear marine-mammalogists,

IUCN asked me for photos of European species for the EMA (European 
Mammal Assessment) Website. Quite a few marine (Phocidae, 
Delphinidae, Baleonoptera ...) mammals are still missing from their 
If anybody can help out with some pics, and would be willing to have 
them published, please contact me.

Thank you in advance,


(I am not a marine biologist....)

Dr. Werner Haberl
Former Chair, Insectivore Specialist Group, IUCN
Hamburgerstrasse 11/17
A-1050 Vienna, Austria
Phone & Fax: (+431) 941 13 13

The Shrew Shrine: <http://members.vienna.at/shrew> or new: 
The Dormouse Hollow: http://www.glirarium.org/dormouse
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