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Nicola Hodgins nicola.hodgins at wdcs.org
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Dear MAMAM¹ers,

WDCS are delighted to announce a ³CALL² for project proposals to be
considered for funding. The next deadline date is 1st May 2007 and further
information can be found below or alternatively please visit

Application forms can be downloaded from the above website or alternatively
please contact me (e-mail: - nicola.hodgins at wdcs.org)


             WDCS Funding Application Guidelines
WDCS provides funding for marine mammal researchers to conduct cetacean
conservation science projects around the world.
Who can apply?
WDCS invites individual scientists, university affiliated researchers and
non-governmental organisations to apply for funding. All applications will
be treated on a case-by-case basis however preference will be given to
applicants seeking funding for conservation research to be conducted in
their country of nationality.
(There are of course exceptions, e.g. ­ areas where local expertise is
lacking; however in these cases a capacity-building element for local
researchers must be incorporated into the project.)
When can I apply?
There are to be 2 funding cycles per annum: -
Application Deadline (1) ­ 1st May
Notification (on or before)  ­ 1st August
Funding available from ­ 1st September
Application Deadline (2) ­ 1st November
Notification (on or before)   ­ 1st February
Funding available from ­ 1st March
N.B. Applications for Emergency Funding will be accepted at anytime.
How much can I apply for?
WDCS grants are in general, small. There is however, no minimum or maximum
amount that can be applied for. Please include a full budget as it is
important to provide a complete overview of the project¹s financial
Can I apply for multi-year funding?
Multi-year applications are encouraged however WDCS will only commit to
funding on an annual basis. Continued funding is reliant on several factors.
Does WDCS cover salaries?
In general, no, however we do cover basic living expenses. There are
obviously exceptions and each project is considered on a case by case basis.
Please include a salary component in your budget even if it is being paid by
an alternative organisation/foundation.
Does WDCS fund Invasive Research Techniques?
WDCS is the worlds leading funder of non-invasive research methods however
we also recognise that there are sometimes extenuating circumstances where
invasive methods are required and a relatively immediate (and long-term)
conservation/welfare benefit is the result. If your project plans to utilise
such methods, please ensure that you complete the ³Invasive Research
WDCS takes the use of invasive research techniques very seriously and expect
researchers operating through funding supplied by WDCS supporters to act
accordingly. ALL alternatives should be considered before deciding on the
inclusion of an invasive method and long-term monitoring considered.
In addition to the normal ³funding process² (see below), projects that
include an invasive research technique will be externally assessed by an
Ethics Panel.
Is there anything that WDCS does not fund?
(a)   International flights.
(b)  WDCS will not fund captivity-based projects.
(c)   WDCS will not joint-fund projects with THE CAPTVITY INDUSTRY OR any
organisation that has direct links to the captivity industry or joint-fund
projects that have a portion of the funding coming indirectly from the
captivity industry.
N.B. ­ ³Captivity Industry² relates to all establishments that keep
cetaceans in captivity, this includes swim-with programmes.
What is the application process?
(1) All applications must be on a WDCS Application Form
(2) If the project is to include an invasive research technique, an Invasive
Research Questionnaire must also be completed
(3) If the project is to include in-water research, an In-water
Questionnaire must also be completed
(3) Completed applications should be returned (by the appropriate deadline
date ­ see above), preferably by e-mail to nicola.hodgins at wdcs.org
(N.B. ­ the maximum size of completed application forms that can be received
by the above e-mail account is 3MB, for proposals of a larger size please
contact me for alternative arrangements)
Postal applications will also be accepted, please send to: -
Nicola Hodgins
WDCS International Projects Co-ordinator
38 St Paul Street
Chippenham SN15 1LJ
(4) All applications will engage in the ³funding process² which includes: -
(a) an internal review ­ relevant regional, campaign and or theme leader;
and (b) an external review ­ conducted by an advisory panel of leading
cetacean experts.
WDCS Application Checklist
(1)  Completed Application form
(2)  If necessary, completed Invasive Research Questionnaire
(3)  If necessary, completed In-water Questionnaire
(4)  CV
(5)  All relevant publications, supporting documents etc.
Thank-you and Good Luck!

Nicola Hodgins
International Projects Co-ordinator
WDCS, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society

Brookfield House
38 St Paul Street
SN15 1LJ

Phone: - +441249 449 537
Mobile: - +447841497597
Fax: - +441249 449 501


WDCS is the global voice for the protection of whales, dolphins and
their environment. 

Pro-whaling countries are mounting their biggest attack for decades on the
bans on commercial whaling and international trade in whale products.
Whaling is cruel, unnecessary and unsustainable. Help WDCS in our campaign
to stop bloody whaling for good ­ it¹s time to act.


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