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Hi marmam friends,Spotted this on another listserv and thought it may be of interest to some of you.Kind regards,Jen-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> "STATE OF THE OCEAN'S ANIMALS"> > A NEW EPISODE OF THE ACCLAIMED PBS SERIES> > JOURNEY TO PLANET EARTH> > PREMIERES MARCH 28, 2007 AT 8 P.M. ON PBS> > HOSTED BY MATT DAMON> > SPECIAL LOOKS AT THE CRISIS TO THE WORLD'S MARINE ANIMALS> > WASHINGTON, D.C.‹ STATE OF THE OCEAN¹S ANIMALS is the tenth installment of > public television's award-winning Journey to Planet Earth series. Join > Academy Award® winner Matt Damon as he takes a hard look at why nearly half > the world's marine animals may face extinction over the next twenty-five > years. Case studies focus on how global warming, sea-level rise, > over-fishing, and habitat destruction are beginning to empty the world's > oceans. The one-hour episode also features inspiring stories of hope and > courage that celebrate of the beauty and diversity of the natural world.> > Damon's dramatic journey takes us to the Pacific Northwest, (whales, salmon > and sea otters), New England (coastal fisheries), Florida (sea level rise > and its effect on loggerhead turtles), Japan (the slaughter of dolphins), > China (shark fin trade), the Antarctic (threats to Emperor Penguins), and > Africa (coastal fisheries).> > Along the way, viewers will come to appreciate the diversity of our planet's > marine life: the beauty, the incredible animals, and the dangers that > threaten them all. The sobering reality is that our oceans are becoming dead > zones. What was once ablaze with color has become a world without life. The > question that lies at the heart of the documentary is this: how could one of > our planet¹s most abundant resources face such peril that its very existence > may be in jeopardy? And most important, how can we repair the damage we have > already created?> > Educational materials available at http://www.pbs.org/journeytoplanetearth/> > Downloadable photos from past programs are available at > www.pbs.org/pressroom <http://www.pbs.org/pressroom>
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