[MARMAM] Body mass, length, and fluke span data for cetaceans

B Garcia Carreras B.Garcia-Carreras at bath.ac.uk
Fri Mar 16 10:01:04 PDT 2007

Dear MARMAM readers,

I am a postgraduate student doing a project on baleen whale 
biomechanics. As part of the project, I am studying the morphological 
differences between mysticete and odontocete cetaceans. I am missing 
data in the overlapping range (mysticetes smaller than a minke whale, 
and odontocetes larger than killer whales), and would appreciate if 
anyone could tell me where I could find more information on these 
species. I would be particularly interested in body mass and length, and 
fluke span data for specific individuals. Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards,


P.S.: Information has so far been found in: Lockyer (1976), Lockyer & 
Waters (1986), Vikingsson et al. (1988), Bose et al. (1990), Vikingsson 
(1990, 1995, unpublished), Tolley et al. (1995), Rohr et al. (1998), 
Fish & Rohr (1999), Palacios (1999), Zylber et al. (2002),  Palacios et 
al. (2004), Sanvicente-Anorve et al. (2004). I can provide a full list 
of references upon request.

Bernardo Garcia Carreras
Postgraduate Researcher (Biomimetics)
Mechanical Engineering, University of Bath

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