[MARMAM] New Website "The Mediterranean Monk Seal"

monachus monachus at cbd-habitat.com
Fri Mar 16 02:31:54 PDT 2007

                                                           NEW WEBSITE "THE MEDITERRANEAN MONK SEAL"

Dear friends,


We are pleased to inform you that since the beginning of January this year, you can visit one of the most complete websites in Spanish about the Mediterranean monk seal


It contains exhaustive information about the species, its problems and the conservation initiatives aimed at halting its decline.


The website has been designed under the auspices of the Monk Seal conservation project on the Cape Blanco-Guerguerat Peninsula, run by the CBD-Habitat Foundation for more than 10 years.


You can access a large number of videos, photos, educational and awareness-raising materials and an exhaustive amount of information at www.focamonje.es and www.cbd-habitat.com


Interaction is one of the main features of this new website, so in addition to the large and varied body of information about the species, it has a large number of videos and photos that let you see with your very own eyes the different age groups and discover their everyday behaviour such as lactation and feeding, neither of which has been published on the Web before. You can also check the species' historic distribution range and the few places where populations of the animal still survive.


There is another feature of the new website that we want to highlight: a special section devoted to a recently begun project in conjunction with fishermen from the Spanish deepwater fleet in the Mauritania area, REDFOM or the Monk Seal Sighting Network. It is particularly concerned with encouraging the involvement of fishing industry workers in the protection of the Monk Seal by reporting observations on the high seas. It includes a form that people can fill in to report sightings, and it has another web access portal: www.redfom.com


However, instead of telling you all about it, we suggest you visit the site and discovery it for yourself.


 Fundación CBD-Habitat
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