[MARMAM] Marine Mammal Observers

Jody Weir jody at raincoast.org
Wed Mar 14 13:23:14 PDT 2007

Position: Marine Mammal Observer

Raincoast Conservation Foundation is seeking 2 volunteer Marine Mammal
Observers to join our boat-based team for surveys in Spring 2007.  We plan
to do systematic coverage of Queen Charlotte Basin, and a representative
sample of mainland inlets on the north and central coast of British Columbia
aboard the Achiever, a 23 meter research boat.   We will have a team of 6
marine mammal observers who rotate through four positions, and one seabird
observer.  The spring surveys will be commencing in early April and ending
sometime in early June.  The cost of room and board will be covered by the
project for the duration of the surveys.

If interested, please email your resume to rob at raincoast.org and cc.
jody at raincoast.org

For more information, please see the Cruise Report (pdf) on our website:


Jody Weir
Marine Program Coordinator
Raincoast Conservation Foundation
1-250-655-1229 ext.231

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