[MARMAM] Subject: Harbour porpoise survey interships

Cormac Booth cgb8 at st-andrews.ac.uk
Wed Mar 14 03:54:08 PDT 2007

Subject: Harbour porpoise survey internships

We are seeking skilled research assistants for the 2007 season to carry 
out land-based theodolite surveys for harbour porpoise. The fieldwork 
will be carried out near Tobermory, on the Isle of Mull, running from 
mid-April/May to September. This work with be carried out in conjunction 
with the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust (HWDT)

The harbour porpoise (/Phocoena phocoena/) is the commonest cetacean 
species found in UK inshore waters, and one of the most ecologically 
significant. Some populations are severely affected by interactions with 
fisheries and noise pollution is also a concern. Relatively little known 
about the species’ fine scale distribution. This project will study the 
distribution of harbour porpoises at fine scales and investigate the 
roles of oceanographic factors driving it.

Volunteers should have a background in zoology, marine biology or a 
related field, be dedicated, hard-working and be prepared to work long 
hours in the field. Experience with theodolites and/or marine mammals 
survey methods and with Microsoft Excel / Access data processing would 
be advantageous.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide salary or housing for research 
interns, though assistance with finding suitable accommodation will be 
available through HWDT.

If you are interested, please provide a Curriculum Vitae with 
references, and a covering letter outlining your interests and 
suitability for this project to Cormac G Booth (cgb8 at st-andrews.ac.uk 
<mailto:cgb8 at st-andrews.ac.uk>) by Monday 26^th March 2007.

Cormac G Booth

PhD Candidate

Sea Mammal Research Unit

Gatty Marine Laboratory

University of St Andrews

cgb8 at st-andrews.ac.uk <mailto:cgb8 at st-andrews.ac.uk>

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