[MARMAM] Request for pictures to help in Trinidad and Tobago Cetacean Conservation Questionnaires

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Mon Mar 12 02:40:31 PDT 2007

  My name is Alësha Naranjit from Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean . My group and  I are doing some questionnaire surveys that focus mostly on what cetaceans people are seeing locally, where they see them and when (time of day and year). To aid in this questionnaire, I am putting together a species id sheet to help the interviewees (mainly fishermen, water taxies, yachties and recreational boat owners) identify the animals they may have seen while out on the water.
  I am looking for pictures depicting whole bodies, flukes, dorsal views, side views, heads and any other pictures that show important features that can help to identify the animals. I am looking for animals in the water (not stranded) and preferably not obviously in a captive setting. If anyone has any pictures of the following species (see table below) and would be willing to give permission for them to be used as part of the species id sheets that supplement these interview questionnaires, please send them to me as soon as you can. These pictures will be used on printed sheets to be carried around to aid in the questionnaire (no publication involved) and of course, they will be referenced.
  I would especially love any pictures you have of the Cuvier’s and Gervais’ beaked whales, the pygmy and dwarf sperm whale and the pygmy killer whale. Your pictures will allow my group to get a more accurate idea of what our interviewees may be seeing in Trinidad and Tobago ’s waters. 
  If you do not have the pictures I am looking for or do not have ownership of pictures that you feel may be useful but know someone that I could contact please let me know. 
  Looking forward your support and amazing pictures:)
   Species recorded in the waters of Trinidad and Tobago
    Common name
      Balaenopterus physalus    Fin whale
      Balaenopterus borealis
    Sei whale
      Balaenopterus edeni
    Bryde’s whale
      Megaptera novaeangliae    Humpback whale
      Physeter macrocephalus    Sperm whale
      Kogia breviceps    Pygmy sperm whale
      Kogia sima
    Dwarf sperm whale
      Ziphius cavirostris    Cuvier’s beaked whale
      Mesoplodon europaeus    Gervais’ beaked whale
      Orcinus orca    Killer whale
      Feresa attenuata    Pygmy killer whale
      Pseudorca crassidens    False killer whale
      Globicephala macrorhynchus    Sort-finned pilot whale
      Stenella attenuata    Pan-tropical spotted dolphin
      Stenella frenatus
    Atlantic spotted dolphin
      Stenella longirostris
    Spinner dolphin
      Stenella clymene
    Clymene dolphin
      Stenella coeruleoalba
    Striped dolphin
      Delphinus delphis
    Common dolphin
      Tursiops truncatus    Bottlenose dolphin
      Grampus griseus    Risso’s dolphin
      Steno bredanensis    Rough-toothed dolphin
      Sotalis fluviatilis    Tucuxi

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