[MARMAM] Bottlenose Dolphin Research in Sardinia - Volunteers needed for dolphin research

Bruno Diaz bruno_daz2000 at yahoo.es
Sat Mar 10 09:45:28 PST 2007

The Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute (BDRI - www.thebdri.com) is a small private center for research, education, and training in bottlenose dolphins ecology and behaviour. 

  BDRI's researchers are engaged in the conduction of a long-term study about the ecology and behaviour of a Mediterranean bottlenose dolphin population (Tursiops truncatus). 
  No specific experience is required to work as a volunteer with the BDRI. Volunteers are involved in all aspects of the research, and will receive full training in survey techniques. 
  Volunteers will help measure different aspects of the dolphins’ behaviour by using a variety of instruments, to identify individuals, record behaviours and sounds. 
  a.. Minimum age of 18;
b.. A lot of motivation and interest in dolphin research
c.. The ability to work a flexible, full-time schedule;
d.. Enthusiasm, and the open-mindedness to work, live and communicate with other people of mixed nationality and background.
  • Get involved in bottlenose dolphin research
• Gain fieldwork experience
• Learn to use different research instruments: GPS, Hydrophone, Secchi disk, digital camera, sonar, camcorder, anemometer, etc.
• Help advance our knowledge of bottlenose dolphins to improve their conservation
• Enjoy the outdoors of the beautiful Emerald Coast
  • Meet interesting people
• Enjoy the culinary talents of BDRI's researchers and express your own.
  The volunteer costs stated below include training and all associated field costs during your stay with us, accommodations, three meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) at the research station where interns and research staff live together and are responsible for cooking and cleaning duties. Rooms are shared. Cost does not include transportation to and from the research camp on Golfo Aranci (Sardinia Island), personal items, or special dietary requirements.
  Prices and dates for 2007 Volunteer Opportunities are as follows: 
  • April Price - 55€ per day - 50€ per day* 
• May Price - 60€ per day - 55€ per day* 
• June Price - 70€ per day - 60 € per day*
• July Price - 75€ per day - 65 € per day* 
• August Price - 80€ per day - 70 € per day* 
• September Price - 70€ per day - 65 € per day* 
• October Price - 65€ per day - 60 € per day* 
  * Special Fee participating for a mimimun of 14 days.
Further information, fees and how to apply can be found on our website (www.thebdri.com), by phoning BDRI on +39 346081541 or by e-mailing me at info at thebdri.com
  Bruno Díaz López
  Research Biologist
  The Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute
  Via Diaz 4, Golfo Aranci 07020, Italy
  tel: 00 39 346 0815414

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