[MARMAM] how to subscribe/post messages to MARMAM

MARMAM Editors marmamed at uvic.ca
Thu Mar 8 13:19:52 PST 2007

If you are getting this message directly you must be one of the 6,287
current subscribers to MARMAM. In 2005 the process for subscribing to and
sending messages to MARMAM changed, but we are still receiving many
requests for subscriptions and attempted postings through the old system.
If you know of anyone who is potentially interested in subscribing to
MARMAM, or sending messages to the list, please forward this message to
them so they have the current information on how to subscribe and post

There is no need to subscribe to the list in order to post messages.
If you are a non-member (or use a different e-mail address to post a
message), you will receive an automatic notice back saying you have
submitted a posting to a members-only list. However, we do consider such
messages for posting to the list.

Thanks very much

MARMAM Editors


MARMAM (Marine Mammals Research and Conservation Discussion) is an e-mail
list established in August 1993, run through the University of Victoria
(BC, Canada), to serve researchers, managers and others working with
marine mammals. Subscriptions are free and open to anyone interested in
marine mammals. Postings to the list are restricted to messages directly
relevant to marine mammal research or conservation. The list provides
researchers and others with a quick way of asking questions relative to
their work and posting notices of job or internship openings, new
publications, and information on relevant conferences and meetings. The
list is not meant as a place to post requests for jobs or internships, and
requests for information should demonstrate the sender has been unable to
find the information in other ways. The list currently has over 6,000
subscribers from more than 60 countries around the world. In 2005 the list
address and the process for subscribing changed. A message was sent out to
the list informing subscribers of the new address and procedures, but many
web sites still contain out-of-date information on how to submit messages,
subscribe etc.

To subscribe to MARMAM, follow the instructions located at

To send a message to the list, send your e-mail to marmam at lists.uvic.ca;
please include an informative subject heading (not, for example "Message
for MARMAM"), include your name and affiliation in the body of the
message, and compose the messages exactly as you would like them to appear
on the list, as there is no way of modifying messages prior to sending
them out to the list.

MARMAM Editors

-To submit a message to MARMAM, send it to: marmam at lists.uvic.ca
-Please include your name and e-mail address in the body of the
text of all submissions.
-To subscribe to MARMAM, go to lists.uvic.ca/mailman/listinfo/marmam
-To contact the MARMAM editors, write to: marmamed at uvic.ca

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